Live Coverage – Gaura Purnima Mayapur

For the first time in history, devotees can enjoy Live Coverage of Gaura Purnima Festival taking place in Sri Dham Mayapur – India. ISKCON Suva website will connect devotees and our visitors live to Gaura Purnima Festival via our website linkup with Mayapur TV.
The annual Gaura Purnima Festival is the most exciting event of the year at Mayapur.
Since Sri Mayapur is the transcendental appearance place of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir serves as the international spiritual headquarters for ISKCON. Srila Prabhupada desired all devotees to come to Mayapur at least once in a year as far as possible, to get charged with the unlimited mercy of Mahaprabhu, and Gaura Purnima is the best time to do this.
The festival officially begins after the GBC meetings and festivities extend to about 3 weeks. But many devotees start to assemble at Mayapur even one week earlier, at the beginning of the GBC meetings. So, about one month before Gaura Purnima each year Mayapur gets flooded by devotees from all around the world and everyone is enjoying blissful sadhu-sanga.
First week senior and experienced leading Vaishnavas conduct sat-sanga and other seminars (organized by the Mayapur Institute). Award nights praise devotees for preaching endeavors such as congregational preaching and book distribution.
Second week all devotees perform annual Navadvipa Mandala parikrama.
Third week is filled with festivities and cultural programs. Various cultural entertainment programs such as dance, drama, ISKCON cinemas, kirtanas, and bhajanas are performed every evening. A mini-market is set up for the devotees to procure unique Mayapur products, as well as other devotional items. Almost every day is dedicated to one major festivities event:
On the whole, the month long Gaura Purnima festival is very well worth participating in!
12th Feb – 23rd Feb : GBC Classes
25th Feburary: Maha -abhishek of Sri Pancha-Tattva
24th Feb -10 March : Sri Gaura Purnima Festival
Wed 11th March: Gaura Purnima
Due to time difference the exact schedules are not yet confirmed, however details will be released shortly.