Sri Rama Navami Celebrations 2012

ISKCON Suva invites devotees, well wishers, guests and all those who want to witness the grand Rama Navami Celebrations on 1st April ( Sunday) , 2012 from 10 am at the Sri Sri Radha Golokabihari Temple in Brewster Street,Suva.

The appearance of Lord Rama is celebrated as Ramanavmi. Ramnavmi falls on the ninth day of waxing fortnight of the month of Chaitra. In Treta-yuga, the Supreme Lord appeared as son of King Dasharath as Lord Ramachandra. Although he appeared as a man out of kindness to His devotees, along with His brother Lakshman, He is the Supreme Lord.

The discourse will be given by Fiji’s GBC, visiting sanyasi and an initiating Guru within ISKCON : His Holiness Bir Krishna Goswami Gurudev from United States of America. The attractions of celebration would include grand abhishek, kirtans, bhajans, drama and of course delicious prasadam . Please invite your friends and family to this occasion and receive Srila Prabhupadas mercy and Lord Rama Chandra’s blessings. Poster can be downloaded here Ram Navami Poster