Radha Astami Celebrations

Hare Krishna,

ISKCON Suva invites you to appearance festival of Srimati Radharani , the eternal consort of Lord Krishna. Radha-astami festival is celebrated every year in all ISKCON temples with much hype and festivity. The program for this year’s Radha astami is as follows

13th September, 2013

6.30 pm      Gaura Arati
7.00 pm     Abhishek ceremony ( bathing the deities of Lord Krishna and Radharani ( Radha Gopinath) in milk, ghee, fruit juices, yoghurt, honey and water
7.30 pm     Katha based on Srimati Radharani
8.30 pm     Darshan followed by Maha Arati
9.00 pm     Prasadam / Dinner for all guests

Please invite all your friends and family to this occasion and take darshan of Radhika Rani, the only day in the year when you can take darshan of her feet…

For any further information please contact our temple office.

Hare Krishna