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The composition of members include youths from professional, semi professional and private entrepreneurship, thus enabling a diverse and rich caliber of members with experience, knowledge and skills to be utilized in Lord Krishna’s service. A strong network within the forum via committees and sub groups oversees the fluent flow of activities and smooth running of its affairs. Some of such committees are as follows: Compassionate committee for aid, relief and empathy,Book distribution, preaching, kirtans, retreats and Harinam are some of the other strong internal sub committees. Since its inception, massive support has been provided by senior members of ISKCON Fiji in terms of guidance, advice and boosting the morale of its members by participating in the youth calendar of events such as retreat camps. A number of students, secondary and tertiary, along with unemployed youths are part and parcel of this forum thereby enriching the group further with new ideas and concepts to raise ISKCON’s flag much higher. Read Radhakanta’s YOUTH FORUM Blog