Krishna Kaliya Temple

Sri Krishna Kaliya Temple.

Krishna Kaliya temple is located  in the heart of Lautoka city. It is one of the temple that Srila Prabhupada himself layed the foundation of. The temple is unique in the name as well, since there is no other Krishna Kaliya temple in the world. Kaliya is believed to be thrown in an island referred to as “ramneek dweep” by Lord Krishna and that island according to many is Fiji island.Kaliya the great devotee of lord Krishna resides in the mountain highland of Naukauvandra ranges. Krishna Kaliya is the oldest ISKCON temple in Fiji and had once been the base for preaching. In fact this is the temple from where Krishna Consciousness movement started in Fiji. just recently the temple underwent immense renovation and refurbishment to cater for increasing needs. It now houses a double storey complex as ashram and sanyasi quarters 9 for traveling preachers to the temple) , prasadam hall, Gift shop and a separate kitchen for Sunday feast.

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