Sri Radha Damodar Temple

Sri Radha Damodar Temple, a 3 storey multi-million dollar complex that houses the temple of Sri Sri Radha Damodar, Srimati Radharani boutique shop, restaurant, medical centre , ashrams and prasadam hall at various levels is a landmark achievement of Srila Tamala Krishna Goswami Gurudev’s dear disciples HG Gita Kirti DD and HG Gurusmarna DD. The temple project was undertaken by the 2 matajis under spiritual guidance from HH Vedavayasapriya Swami and GBC for Fiji HH Bir Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

The temple boasts state of art facility for worship having separate kitchen for deities and public cooking, modern multi-media built in the hall for other functions apart from religious gatherings such as weddings, birthdays and seminars. The temple premises also contain a special memorable museum built in honor of Srila Tamala Krishna Gurudev.

The presiding deities, Sri Sri Radha Damodar resides on the top floor adorned with magnificent dressing and jewellery lovingly served by devotees through out the day. The temple contains beautifully carved dioramas of Sri Pancha Tattva, Sri Rama Chandra and a beautiful form of Lord Damdar being bound by Yasoda Mata. At the main entrance of the temple is Lord Shiva .

The temple is just few meters away from the main town and can be seen from a distance while crossing the famous Sigatoka bridge.

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