Temple Committee

  Temple President: HG Parsuram Das (aka : Mr. Hasmukh Patel)

He is also one of the trustees for ISKCON Fiji and is the chair for the temple committee . Parsuram Das is a disciple of HH Tamala Krishna Goswami Gurudev and one of the pioneers who has been in the organisation well over last 30 years serving the devotees in various capacities. He is a very skillful and eloquent speaker on Srimad Bhagavatam. Parsuram Prabhu is also  very well known person within Fiji since he leads the country’s biggest and the only electricity provider.

Revenue-collection-on-track-FRCA_650x350 HG Vishvanath Das 

Vishvanath Prabhu is a very senior disciple of H.H Tamala Krishna Goswami. He is currently the CEO for Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority in Fiji. 

10870_1074882331915_5610722_n   Dr. Sacimata ( Dr. Shanita Sen)

  Dr. Sen is a disciple of HH Tamala Krishna Goswami Gurudev who takes active involvement in child care and devotee cultivation and counselling. She is was qualified medical professional and has her own private practice. She has recently started to revive the Sunday School program for children ensuring that they get an opportunity to learn and master the art of Krishna Consciousness from the tender age. Apart from looking after the Gurukul, HG Sacimata also helps in seeking donations for the temple.


HG   Radhikaprem Mataji

HG Radhikaprem Mataji  is a very senior devotee in ISKCON Suva. She is a disciple of HH Tamala Krishna Goswami Gurudev   and is the Head Pujari for the temple. She ensures that deity worship is maintained with highest standards and that all pujaris are properly trained  to perform Puja according to ISKCON standards and practices. She is a very skillful  tailor for the deities too and makes wonderful prasadam.  Apart from this, she is also the manager  for Hare Krishna restaurants where she manages from food quality, to customer service, to staff supervision and general business of the shops. One of the other key roles she has is  to look after temple Ashram.

483686_10150673794714476_2033928586_nHG Rupanuaga Das ( aka Dr. Rajesh Maharaj)

Dr. Rajesh Maharaj is an initiated disciple of HH Bir Krishna Goswami Gurudev. He is a very active member in the congregation for his preaching activities with other communities and faiths in Fiji. He runs many outreach programs in Suva and is a member of inter faith discussions in Fiji where he shares ISKCON’s teachings an ideas apart from distributing prasadam. Dr. Rupanuga Prabhu uses his medical influence in many academic , social and cultural gatherings to preach about Lord Krishna. He organizes seminars and presentations on Krishna Consciousness based on practical teachings of Srila Prabhupada and Science. He is a qualified medical professorial and has his own private medical practice .


 HG Radhasharan Prabhu

HG Radhasharan Prabhu is a disciple of HH Bir Krishna Goswami and has recently been actively helping the temple committee to manage its accounting with Madhuranga Prabhu. Radhasaran Prabhu has often been involved with food for life programs, specially during diasters such as floodings in Nadi -Lautoka areas where he would collect donations and mobilize resources under food for life program with wife HG Sacimata who tends to be the secretary fo teh temple. Radhashran Prabhu is an accountant by profession having worked in some of Fiji’s most pretegious organisations for many years.

521463_10151307100304476_971621476_n HG Sadasiva Das

 HG Sadasiva Das is a senior disciple of HH Tamala Krishna Goswami Gurudev. He has been preaching for many many years in the temple, outside programs and on the radio. Sadasiva Prabhu has become a household name in Fiji for Hindi Radio ( Radio Fiji 2) listeners because of his Bhagavad Gita Program every Sunday. He is a very good preacher of Bhagavatam and Ramayan and is often invited by many people at their homes to conduct kathas. Apart from this he is also an expert in conducting samskaras. Sadasiva Das has been a financial consultant for many years and has recently become the Justice of Peace as well as a registered marriage officer in Fiji. He runs his successful business after resigning from one of the financial institutions in Fiji.