Residential Quarters

A double storey 12 flat apartment, each with 2 rooms has self contained amenities with hot / cold shower, terrace, and bedding available for all rooms. The main purpose of the rooms is to accommodate resident devotees who are full time serving in the temple as pujaris . There are no separate cooking facility in any rooms as meals are taken from the temple prasadam. Devotees are required to keep their rooms clean and tidy at all times and share the facility with others at the request of the management when there is a need.

One of the rooms is specifically reserved for travelling sanyasi’ which is regularly cleaned and maintained.The room is equipped with telephones, internet connection , collection of Sri Prabhupada’s books and one of the rooms in this quarter serves as a guests room where Guru Maharaj’s give darshan to devotees and discuss their matters.

Currently all rooms are occupied by devotees serving in the temple.